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Starting the server

Now that we have the engine properly configured, lets start the server! To do that, you simple use the Game menu and select "Start Server".

The server will run for you. allowing players to connect to your machine. If you would like to test the game, you can connect to your server via a telnet client. I recommend PuttyTel, but you can use any that you like.

Once you get one downloaded and you connect to the server (by using your local IP Address and port 4000), you can create a new character and walk around your newly created world. Using the "Walk West" command will move your character west.

Next, if you want, you can return to the editor (with the server running) and continue building out your game. You can create new Rooms, Zones and Realms without ever shutting the server down. As you build things, you can link them together and then pop over to your telnet client and test out your changes in real-time.

Make sure to save your world often! The engine does not auto-save at the moment so you will want to make sure and remember to save your stuff frequently. You do not have to save the world prior to seeing the changes take place in the game, but before you close the editor, make sure you save your changes.

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