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Linking two Rooms together using Doors

If you have completed the Creating your first room documentation, then you should already have a Realm named California, a Zone named San Diego and a Room called Bedroom.

So, I will assume you know how to create Rooms now. With that understanding, go ahead and create two additional Rooms. One called Closet and one called Bathroom.

You should have a setup like this.

Now, we want to add some details to the rooms, so lets click the Room Properties tab and select the Description property for each Room. Change them to be a small description about the room for players to read.
Something like

Bedroom Description: "You are standing in your bedroom and it looks fairly clean."
Closet Description: "Your closet appears to be empty."
Bathroom Description: "The bathroom is small and not very interesting."

Ok, so we now have our rooms created and setup how we want them. Lets link these three together. Start out by making sure you have the Bedroom loaded. You can do that by verifying the Current Room label in the top of the editor.
Next, select the Closet from your Room list, then drag it over of the "West" button and drop it. The editor will automatically link the Bedroom's West doorway to the Closet's East doorway.
You have officially created a link between two rooms! Lets do the same for the Bathroom, this time dragging and dropping the bathroom onto the South doorway.

If you want to quickly change to one of the linked rooms, you can right-click on the doorway you want to instant-load, and select "Load Room". To demonstrate, right-click on the "Bathroom" doorway and select the load room option. Note that you can also clear a linked doorway by right-clicking as well.

That wraps up this tutorial, if you would like to link to a room in another Zone or Realm, simply change the Zone and Realm drop down boxes, find the Room you want and then drag & drop!

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