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The engine is currently in the process of being re-wrote. A new version should be available soon! If you any an early look at it, please check out the latest source code.
Current Version: Alpha 2.0.1


  • Minimum .NET Framework version required to run the toolkit was changed from 4.5 to 4.0. Users will need to make sure they have .NET 4.0 installed to run.
  • Due to changing the .NET version to 4.0, Windows XP support has been returned.
  • Binaries are now all compiled to be cross-platform on both Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit operating systems.
  • The internal command processing and execution code is now a safer process, providing a safe manor of failing in the event that the command contains bad code. The engine should abort and move on instead of crashing.

Bug fixes

  • "Say" command now works, allowing for proper chat messages. Note that "Say" will only broadcast a message to the current Room. Users will need to be in the same room to see the message. You can easily implement a "Yell" command that calls Zone.BroadcastMessage() if you would like Zone wide messages.
  • Help command no longer disconnects users. For the time being, it was just disabled.

About Mud Designer

Multi-User-Dungeons (or MUDs) are online multiplayer games that are text driven, and combine role-playing, hack and slash and social chatting into a computer game that can be played through a special client, or a web browser. Typical MUDs are layed out in the style of a book, where the user is immersed in a world through text. The player can move from room to room, and read a description of the room, the objects and characters within that room, events that take place along with other things in a virtual world. Players can interact with each other as they will occupy the same world together, and usually play the game in a role playing manor.

The MUD Designer Engine contains a MUD Game Engine completely written in C# from the ground up. It supports Game Management, Networking, Scripting, Custom Commands and dynamic MUD creation.

For those wanting to try the current source code version of the engine, they can download and install Visual C# 2012, download the latest source code build, and compile it. Please note that I will not upload changes to the source unless it compiles without error, but it is not guaranteed that features will exist as new versions are uploaded.

Toolkit Features Windows included OS X included
Telnet Server Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
Game State Support Yes.jpg Yes.jpg
Custom Commands Yes.jpg yes.jpg
Editor Support Yes.jpg No.jpg
Scripting Engine yes.jpg Yes.jpg
Engine Customization Yes.jpg no.jpg
Stand-alone compiler no.jpg no.jpg
Stand-alone server yes.jpg no.jpg

Note: Features marked as no.jpg on both platforms are due to not having been written. Both OS's will support it, we just have yet to write a client to utilize the engine in that manor.

Feel free to leave comments under the Discussions page! Any issues with the source code or downloaded release? Let me know via the Issue Tracker!

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