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Mud Designer Alpha 1.3

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Released: Aug 22, 2010
Updated: Aug 22, 2010 by Scionwest
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Application Mud Designer Game Engine Alpha 1.3
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Release Notes

Alpha 1.3

This release of the Mud Designer Game Engine includes a large amount of bug fixes and optimizations, along with several new features.

The largest change is the introduction of the Script Library. A collection of scripts pre-wrote for developers to review. Most of the scripts are in-game command scripts, but it will give the developers a better understanding on how they can write content for their game.

Also included is the new GameTime class, that now keeps track of the game-world time, allowing for a true persistent game world. Entering the command 'SaveWorld' will save the world to disk, and when the server re-starts, the saved content is re-loaded, letting the world resume right were it had left off.

Several new commands are included with this release, the two most important commands being the 'Create' command and the 'LinkRoom' command. These two commands allow Admins to connect to the server and create Realms, Zones and Rooms dynamically on the fly while players are still connected and playing. Note that these two commands are still under construction and probably contain several bugs. The LinkRoom command does not always correctly link Rooms together and will be addressed in a future update. The goal was to demonstrate to developers how to build complex scripts for their games. Both of these commands are a part of the new Script Library. This library will increase in-size with each release as I try to code the bulk of the game object code in script to allow for easy access and editing by developers.

Help commands are now supported as well, allowing users to type 'help' and recieve a list of all available commands (both internal commands and script based). The user can type 'help commandname' it the help documentation for that command will be printed to the screen for the user to read. (Example: Help Walk).

This release also includes the Mud Compiler for compiling your scripts to check for errors without having to start/stop the game each time. Included with this release for the first time is the complete source code to the project. I wanted to provide it in a complete package, so developers did not have to download the source separately any longer.

Several optimizations and bug fixes are included with this release. Hope you enjoy it! As always feedback is critical in order to remove bugs and better build a solid product.
  • Remaining Changes
    • Added a GameTime class. Now fully supports custom Day/Time lengths and keeps track of time in sync with the server time. You may use the new command GetTime to have the current in-game time printed to the player.
    • The Game class now contains a property called MinimumPasswordLength that lets developers assign how long of a password they will require users to make during account creation.
    • Fixed the ScriptEngine and CommandEngine not loading Custom game commands from scripts.
    • BaseCharacter's Create, Initialize, Send and FlushConsole are now overridable via scripts.
    • Invalid commands are now printed to the player "Invalid Command."
    • Script Engine now compiles scripts as C# 4.0 Types instead of 3.5. Scripts can now use Dynamic Type
    • All commands are now required to have a Help property
    • Set the Game.PlayerCollection property to Protected. You can no longer modify this list unless the class inherits from Game. Only 1 script is allowed to inherit from Game.
    • Created Game.GetPlayerCollection() method for retrieving a read-only reference to the playerCollection so scripts can access player data it might needs.
    • GameWorld.AddRealm() method replaced with GameWorld.AddObject(). It accepts any Type passed to it. You can now supply a Zone to it (provided the Zone.Realm property is set first) and the method will add the Zone into the appropriate Realm for you.
    • System.Linq and System.Text using statements added to scripts when they are compiled. Script writers no longer need to type out the fully qualified name for those namespaces.

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