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Welcome to the Mud Designers discussions page. There are several things that you can create a discussion page here for.

1) Assistance with the Source Code
2) Help with the Downloaded Release
3) Apply for an open Position within the Team
4) Make suggestions to improve the product.
5) Offer constructive criticism
6) Discuss with us how you are planning on using this tool
7) Ask what the Mud Designer is about
8) Share with us information about the MUD Game you are building with Mud Designer.

Please refrain from using profanity and be courteous to others posting.

Server doesnt Start

first post: rawrmehh wrote: I have downloaded the Mud Maker recently, and enjoy the application...

Beginner help for mud designer

first post: parsvengance wrote: I was following you tutorial on youtube and finished it. I was wond...

Base Game Objects and Interfaces

first post: RAVaught wrote: Original Conversation I warned you that I was going to bug you wi...


first post: RAVaught wrote: There is a bit of a derth of documentation on this project. I have ...

latest post: RAVaught wrote: Yup, I know it can be done in the editor while the server is live,...

Diagonal and Non-Generic Exits

first post: RAVaught wrote: Me again..(blame it on java) I am curious about the support(curre...

latest post: RAVaught wrote: Ah, thought it might be something like that ;)


first post: Toyduck wrote: Is there a way to upload screenshots to you of possible errors or ...

latest post: Scionwest wrote: If your Room editor is what has messed up, I am aware of issues wi...

Editor will not run

first post: Leopardfist wrote: Hi, I downloaded your software package, and unzipped it. I tried r...

latest post: scionwest wrote: Hey there Please shoot me an email over to


first post: enigmanet wrote: Sup guys, I recently sent a request to join the team. Anyhow I woul...

latest post: scionwest wrote: 2.0 was released, so feel free to give it a shot now :)

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